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Reuters Foundation Reporter's Handbook

13/11/2010 18:37

REUTERS FOUNDATION REPORTER'S HANDBOOK, is yet another invaluable tool that any journalist, whether in the print, broadcast or online "genre" would be glad to possess. It comes as an handy, easy to navigate resource material, that would always be a reference point.



The initial idea behind the publication of the handbook, was for it to be a guide on fact-based reporting for Iraqi journalists whenever they needed it. But a critical appraisal of its content, however, shows that this is one resource material any journalist worth the salt should have. The content of the publication, was sourced from Reuters' journalists, giving vent to the wealth of knowledge that is contained in it.

Answers to such questions as: what is the role of a journalist in society?; what are the qualities of a good reporter?; what ways can one get news?; and how does one cover a news conference, among many other questions that pop up regularly in the mind of a journalist, are provided.

There is an indepth analysis of the Inverted Pyramid structure, Interviewing techniques, investigative reporting skills, the construction and types of lead in a story, juxtaposed with various writing styles for features. The section on safety emphasizes the security cautiousness of the journalist with a stark caution that: "Your safety is paramount, and no story, however good, is worth the risk of death or serious injury."

The Reuters Foundation, has no doubt, blazed the trail in international journalism, bringing news in various forms to a wide audience that traverses regions and religions. For Your Pal, this resource material provides copious examples and guidelines for a journalist's day-to-day activities. Such is the REUTERS FOUNDATION REPORTER'S HANDBOOK from a media organization that has been a major player in the international media industry for more than 150 years.

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