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28/09/2010 17:03

Cedarview Brings Jogge Pro to Nigeria

Cedarview Communications Limited (CCL), a software company devoted to the provision of solutions to business and social needs...
28/09/2010 15:58

Creative Writing Workshop for Budding Writers

The Nigerian Liquefied Natural Gas (NLNG) in collaboration with the Nigerian Academy of Letters (NAL) is billed to...
22/09/2010 15:41

Asian ‘Unicorn’ Sighted in Laos, Vietnam

There has been a confirmed sighting of one of the rarest and most enigmatic animals in the world, the Saola (Pseudoryx...
09/09/2010 17:25

African Media Executives Storm Tanzania

Leading African media executives are preparing to meet in Tanzania from September 26 - 29, for this year's edition of the...
27/08/2010 19:20

New winners for Nigerian Young Journalist of the Year award

Nike Ashogbon and Tosin Makinde have emerged as joint winners of the 2009 Nigerian Young Journalists of the Year...
20/08/2010 19:12

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20/08/2010 19:11

Website launched

The DiNgDiNgPaLs website has been launched today.  

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