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Cedarview Brings Jogge Pro to Nigeria

28/09/2010 17:03

Cedarview Communications Limited (CCL), a software company devoted to the provision of solutions to business and social needs through use of technology tools and applications, has introduced Jogge Pro, a new mobile software/application that works on smart phones to help mobile phone users pick calls automatically, take their messages, or screen some callers from getting through.

The application, one of its kind in the Nigerian telecommunications market, gives phone users the flexibility of controlling the call functions of their phones, beyond the use of voice mail, or call barring functions. The software, which works with selected Nokia, Sony, Ericsson, LG, Blackberry, Samsung and HTC phones, is highly flexible and adaptable. It can be used on a particular contact(s), group contacts, unknown numbers, private numbers, and indeed, numbers beginning with a prefix, at a specified time or when a particular profile is activated on the phone. It comes in very handy especially when a mobile phone user is at a meeting and would not be able to pick up a call. In such instance, the software enables the phone to respond as programmed by the owner, which might be replying with a message such as: "I'm at a meeting I will call you back".

Wale Owoeye, team leader of CCL, and an information technologist experts, says: "It is specially developed for professionals, business executives, senior management staff, students and entrepreneurs. While at work, in a meeting, driving or when we do not wish to be disturbed, Jogge Pro can handle the calls like a personal assistant giving the needed feedback to callers thereby showing responsibility and respect for the time of others."

Wale explains that: "It is an endeavor to put Nigeria into the arena of software applications as the products would be placed on the global market of Nokia & Blackberry – Ovi Store & Blackberry. The manufacturers are putting their seal of approval on the full functionality and quality of the product after successfully passing the recommended tests."

Jogge Pro, says, Seun Olajide, head of operations of CCL, and Wale's partner, "is developed in partnership with an offshore company and we are looking at developing some many other applications for enterprises, companies and institutions. The Personal Assistant is just the flagship. We would be bringing out another application by popular demand before the end of the year that looks into the security related issues."

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