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East-West Center Launches Revamped Asia Matters for America Website

14/11/2012 12:29

The East-West Center has launched a new, updated website for its interactive Asia Matters for America initiative, which provides an online hub for viewers to explore user-friendly graphical data on the importance of Asia to specific U.S. areas, and vice versa.



The revamped AsiaMattersforAmerica.org site now consolidates the broad-based original Asia Matters project with several regional modules focusing more specifically on U.S. interactions with ASEAN, Australia, Japan and Korea. Modules focusing on China, India, and Taiwan are under development, with preliminary information included on this expanded website.


Data variables that users can view and interact with on the new website include exports, imports, bilateral investment, sister city relationships, Asian American populations by U.S. state and congressional districts, international students, and tourism. Users can research information on U.S. trade and other linkages with Asia and ASEAN, along with individual data for Australia, China, India, Japan, Korea and Taiwan, including available information on interactions with individual U.S. states and data for specific prefectures in Japan. There is also individual state and congressional district data for exports to Asia, top destinations for those exports, and locale-specific information on Asian students in the U.S. and American students in Asia.


Articles exploring mutual interactions and issues that are important to the rapidly expanding U.S.-Asia relationship are categorized under such headings as Trade and Investment, Politics and Security, and People to People.  New articles are added to the website regularly.


The Asia Matters for America project, which is managed by staff of EWC’s Washington office, seeks to provide an authoritative source of data, information and analysis on the importance of Asia in the United States, and the U.S. in Asia, at the national, state, and local levels. This new and updated website is another important step towards achieving that goal. Visitors to the website also have the option to sign up for further Asia Matters for America updates via RSS Feed, Facebook and Twitter.


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