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WJI Partners with CPAC to Equip Journalists

07/01/2011 19:31

In a bid to further equip young conservative journalists to effectively compete for jobs in mainstream newsrooms in the United States (US), the World Journalism Institute (WJI) has become a participating organization in the 2011 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). 


The CPAC, which brings together as many as 10,000 participants including leading conservative organizations and speakers, has been the premiere event for any major elected official or public personality seeking to discuss issues of the day with conservatives. CPAC has continued to provide a platform to generate ideas in order to bring to limelight current and future leaders in the US. 


“We have had our displays and seminars in the major professional journalism gatherings for the last decade. We are now broadening our outreach," says Robert Case, director of the WJI.


robert case

In line with its mission to recruit, equip, place and encourage Christian journalists in the newsrooms of first America and then the world, the WJI would hold seminars and panel discussions on freelance writing, investigative reporting, opinion writing, the new media’s role in the Tea Party movement, as well as offering a tutorial class for young college journalists by top editors of WORLD magazine.


Notable journalists, with a well-proven track record in the American media, such as Mark Tapscott (Washington Examiner), Mindy Belz, Marvin Olasky and Nick Eicher (WORLD magazine), Bill Mattox, Julia Duin, Fred Barnes and Andrew Ferguson (Weekly Standard), Ross Douthat (New York Times), David Brody (CBN News) and SE Cupp will be joining WJI to impact knowledge at the conference.


The collaboration between CPAC and WJI, is believed would further strengthen the media, positioning it as an indispensible tool for nation building.

The conference has been scheduled to hold in Washington, D.C., February 10 - 12.


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