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Wife of another Ebola survivor in Nigeria delivers baby girl

03/12/2015 19:48

Barely a month after one of the ebola survivor Ada Igonoh delivered of a baby girl, the wife of Ebola survivor Mrs.  Opeyemi Adejoro has been safely delivered of a healthy Ebola-free baby girl at First Consultant Medical Centre, Lagos.


Dr. Benjamin Ohiaeri, the hospital’s Medical Director, announced the birth of the baby who was delivered at 7.24pm on 1st December 2015.

Ebola pix 2

The baby girl was delivered following strict guidelines and recommendations from the Centre for Disease Control (CDC), USA, through the pre-natal and delivery stages.

Dr. Adewale Adejoro husband of Mrs. Opeyemi Adejoro contacted the Ebola virus when he went to set an IV line for Mr. Patrick Sawyer on the night before his death, the patient reached out and shook the doctor’s hand just before the doctor slipped on his gloves. Still, Dr. Adejoro told Dr. Cleary that he could not say for certain whether that slip led to his Ebola infection. Between a week and 10 days later, Dr. Adejoro’s symptoms began.

Dr. Adejoro found it “very, very difficult” to drink enough ORS to stay hydrated. He was the only one of the six survivors Dr. Cleary interviewed who received IV fluids, which aided his eventual recovery.




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