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2009/2010 Alumni Review of IIJ

24/09/2010 15:27

"Is it not a question that jumps up every once in a while in a journalist's life: Why did I become a journalist? In fact, it marked the beginning of my career when I was asked about this "why" during the entry exam for journalism school. And my instant reply was that I would love to sit with my typewriter under an apple tree after travelling around the globe to unscramble the mosaic of life. It was all about romanticism." - Astrid Kohl, Director, InWent's International Institute of Journalism, Berlin, Germany.


Astrid, no doubt, captures that "shock", which a journalist faces when he or she is perhaps, unexpectedly asked the "why" question. She, indeed, captures this copiously in "What's on - IIJ Alumni Review 2009/2010". 


The alumni review provides a wealth of information, with regards to the various journalism courses being run by the institute, as well as insightful articles, written by alumni of IIJ across the globe, which includes your pal. Your pal has an article published on page 10.


Such articles like: The digital media's impact on political transparency; Philippine journalism: a dangerous profession today more than ever; The media in Benin between hope and vigilance; New order as MPs get power over budget in Kenya; ASEAN inaugurates human rights commission; Reporting on climate change is still a challenge, just to mention a few, would definitely make your reading the publication a worthwhile effort.


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IIJ What's on - Alumni Review 2009/2010 


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