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Vatican Set to Beatify Pope John Paul II

15/01/2011 16:15

Pope John Paul II (of blessed memory), would now be beatified and declared "blessed", come May 1, 2011, in Rome.


The Pope whose real name is Karol Wojtyla, and who is renowned as one of the third longest serving Pope in history, is attributed to have miraculously cured Sister Marie Simon-Pierre, of Parkinson's disease.


Pope Benedict XVI, who would perform the beatification, has been reported to certify that the late Pope, miraculously cured Simon-Pierre of the disease. The healing of Simon-Pierre, a nun who works in a hospital in Arles, France, had been under dispute for years now, before Pope Benedict's certification of it as true.



The significance of the beatification is that Pope John Paul II is on the way of being declared a Saint. This is however, dependent on the determination of a second miracle, expected to have been performed at his posthumous intervention.



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