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US announces expansion of visa renewal program to Nigerians

27/05/2014 14:22
The United States Mission to Nigeria is pleased to announce the expanded DHL Drop Box Visa Renewal Program.
It takes effect on June 2.
This is contained in a statement by the mission in Nigeria.
It said, "This program allows certain visa applicants who have previously been issued US visas to renew their visas without attending an interview.
"The expanded DHL Drop Box Visa Renewal Program now covers B1/B2 visas that have expired no more than two years prior to reissuance and F, L and H visas that have expired no more than one year prior to reissuance.
"To find out more about the specific qualification criteria for renewals, applicants are to visit the US Embassy in Nigeria website's Drop Box page at https://nigeria.usembassy.gov/niv_dropbox.html
"Qualifying applicants will be prompted to print a letter confirming their eligibility for the program and instructed to drop off the letter with their passport, application confirmation sheet, passport photos, visa fee receipt, and appropriate documents to one of the DHL facilities in Abuja or Lagos.
"The application packets are adjudicated and returned to the applicant’s selected DHL location within 7-10 business days.
"Please note that participation in this program does not guarantee visa issuance. Additionally, the consulate may request applicants to attend a visa interview in certain cases."

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