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Universal Peace Foundation seeks special peace education programme to address violence in Nigeria

02/04/2014 13:18

Chang Yang, Chairman, Universal Peace Federation (UPF), has proposed the establishment of a special peace education programme to address the violence and conflict in some parts of Nigeria.

The UPF a global network of individuals and organisations dedicated to building a world of peace, freedom and harmony believes that this will help maintain peace in the country.

Yang, a South Korean peace ambassador, spoke on Tuesday in Abuja at a dinner organised on his behalf by Alhaji Bamanga Tukur, Chairman of Nigeria Railway Corporation.

He said, "The education programme would offer a new vision for Nigerians to live together in peace in spite of diverse religious and ethnic affiliations.

“I am hopeful that the leaders and people in Nigeria will embrace and support the UPF Peace Education initiative for Nigeria.

“This can inspire several actions for peace in Nigeria and put behind the story of violence and conflicts that we read about every day.

“My visit provides an opportunity to share with you strategies for developing the Middle Belt Peace Initiative in Nigeria and the North East Nigeria Peace Initiative to address the challenges in these regions."

According to him, the group has been involved in the middle east initiative by promoting dialogue between Israel and Palestinians, whom he referred to as ‘children of Abraham’.

He added that the federation was also involved in the Korean peninsula, where it had promoted peaceful dialogue between South Korea and its neighbour, North Korea.

Yang said his interest in Nigeria stemmed from the country’s great potentials as a leading country in Africa and the world.

“Nigeria has huge natural resources and its people are smart and in its 160 million population, I see great leadership among its people,’’ he said.

He recounted that the founder of the UPF, Rev. Sun Moon, had always emphasised the significant position of Nigeria and he clearly stated that, “if Nigeria moves forward, Africa will move forward.”

He said the UPF was instrumental to the growth and development of South Korea, because Moon advised the leaders of the nation and also invested in several critical areas of economic development.

“He worked in the area of education, agriculture, technology and others,’’ he said, adding that Nigeria had similar
opportunities to move forward in extraordinary ways.

He said the UPF would support the NRC to provide a contemporary railway system that would address unemployment, intra-country migration and transportation needs.

He said the federation had invited President Goodluck Jonathan to attend the World Leaders Summit on peace, security and development in August in Korea.

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