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Twitter introduces video capturing feature to spice up your memorable moments

18/02/2015 08:38

Twitter has introduced a new feature to spice up your use and feel of the microblogging platform. It's a new feature that enables you to capture life's most meaningful moments on Twitter.



In a release by Twitter, it said the new feature will enable you show the world what's moving in yours. It will also enable you share interesting stuff like your daughter's dance recital, a mesmerizing slam dunk, or anything else that shows a moment in motion — and instantly reach an audience around the world.


With video on Twitter, you can capture and share life’s meaningful moments — from your perspective. Now it’s simple to shoot clips, make cuts, and share your world in vivid, moving detail. Download the app to get started.


The new feature which focuses on mobile phones, currently works for iPhone and Android devices. 


Video on Twitter gives you even more ways to tell your story on the click right from the comfort of your cozy bedroom. 


So grab your baby’s first steps, break important news, share a wicked guitar solo, or shoot and edit anything else, all within the app.


 Click to see how to use the new feature 



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