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Tutorial on how to use Batchgeo for mapping - a mapping tool for journalists

27/11/2012 18:51

For journalists interested in creating multimedia content beyond just texts and numbers, Batchgeo is a very important mapping tool that helps translate text data into a more graphic presentation that engages the reader/viewer.


My first encounter with using Batchgeo was as an Alfred Friendly Press Fellow, USA, during the fellowship midterm seminar at the University of Missouri, Mo, at the Investigative Reporters and Editors section, under the tutelage of Mark Horvit.


Below is the map I generated using Batchgeo for mapping, in which I used the Londons Olympic Games medals table as a case study. It provides a graphic details of the number of Gold, Silver and Bronze medals won by all the countries that appeared on the medal table, as well as displaying their ranking on the table. Also included is a video tutorial I created showing the step-by-step process of generating the map.






TUTORIAL: Using Batchgeo for Mapping London 2012 Olympics Medal Table



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