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The Maguires Hill 16

31/05/2011 10:33

The Maguires Hill 16, is the oldest traditional Irish pub and restaurant in South Florida. It’s located along North Andrews Ave. near downtown Fort Lauderdale.


I’m glad I discovered it, not for its uniquely traditional Irish cuisine and drinks, but for the fact that it provides an atmosphere similar to the one you would have in Nigeria, whenever an international soccer match takes place like the European Champions League match between Barcelona and Manchester United.


The razzmatazz that surrounded such matches, always added pep to it, with folks donned in the jerseys of both teams, and jeering for them as though they were right there on the field. I missed that a lot since coming here.


Since I arrived here, I’ve had to get used to referring to it as soccer instead of football, in order not to mix it up with the American football, which is what is known here as football. Here people talk a lot about basketball (the Miami Heat against the Chicago Bulls was big topic for discussion), baseball, hockey, and of course football, more than soccer.



For me the Maguires Hill 16 was the perfect place to watch the final of the European Champions League match between Barca (as Barcelona is fondly called) and Man U (the short form for Manchester United). I wished I had discovered it earlier. I would not have missed previous Champions League matches. I got to know about it a few days to the final, through John Dahlburg, who heads the investigative team here at the Sun-Sentinel.


It was such great fun to watch the final match in the company of folks that loved soccer. It was a re-enactment of what usually takes place back home in Nigeria, during a soccer match of such magnitude. Of course, it’s no longer news that Bara defeated Man U three goals to one.


There were two folks who donned the Barcelona jerseys. Supporters of both teams jeered and applauded their teams. One of the fans a young boy, donned a jersey on which was imprinted the name Messi, the Argentine striker, who mercilessly rips open the opponent’s defence to put his name on the score sheet. Messi actually scored one of the goals that got Barca the Champions League cup. It was a long time I watched soccer in such company.


Anytime there’s such a match, be sure to find me at the Maguires Hill 16.




- Your Pal



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