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Second hand clothes business booms in Calabar

30/08/2015 12:29

Dealers on second hand clothes and shoes in Calabar, Cross River capital, have expressed joy over the high sales they now record, the News Agency of Nigeria reports.

NAN survey at the Marian, Watts and Beach markets in Calabar on Sunday showed that patronage for the wears has increased tremendously.

The customers, mostly women, said that they resorted to buying second hand clothes and shoes because of their durability and low prices.

Mr Emeka Obi, a dealer at the Beach market, told NAN that his business had recorded high patronage in the last three months.

Obi who said he had been in the business for almost eight years now, added that it had been a major source of income for his household.

"The high demand for the items I sell has made the business very lucrative and I am very excited about that.

"In fact, some customers plead with me to call them on phone whenever I want to open new bales of clothes so that they will be the first to pick the best," he said.

A customer, Mrs Rebecca Okon, a civil servant, told NAN that she bought the items because they were more durable than new ones.

Okon said that she decided to take her children to the market to make their choices of clothes and shoes because they were on holidays.

According to Mr Hogan Akpan, another customer, second hand shoes were stronger than new ones.

"I have been wearing second hand shoes for almost six years now. Each pair I buy lasts very long before I dump it.

"I buy second hand shoes for my children too because no matter how roughly they play with them, they last for long," he said.

Mrs Eno Archibong, a shoes dealer at the Marian Market, said that many civil servants in the state preferred the `tokunbo shoes' to new ones.

Archibong added: "In the previous months, I used to buy just one bale of shoes for sale due to the low demand, but the demand has increased in the last four months and I now buy up to six bales.

Mr Elijah Bello told NAN at the Watt Market that he had been recording higher sale of second hand shirts and trousers lately due to school holidays.

A student, Miss Cynthia Njagu, said that second hand clothes and shoes were more affordable than new ones.

She told NAN that as a student, she went for the second hand items to enable her to save some money for other things she needed as a student.

Source - NAN

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