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Profile: Patrick Sawyer, American who brought Ebola virus to Nigeria

30/07/2014 11:46

Patrick Sawyer will forever be remembered as the man who brought the Ebola virus to Nigeria.


Patrick Sawyer, who died of Ebola on arriving Lagos, from Liberia, has become the first casualty and record of the dreaded Ebola virus in Nigeria. The dreaded Ebola virus has continued to make its deadly presence felt across the West African region.


Patrick Sawyer is a consultant for the Liberian finance ministry, a man versed in the field of business management, who is very much sought after for his knowledge of the business terrain in the region.


Patrick Sawyer, 40, is an American who travelled from his home of Minnesota in the United States of America, to attend the funeral of his sister who died from Ebola. He is believed to have been able to board multiple flights despite vomiting and suffering from diarrhoea, before arriving in Nigeria where he died.


Patrick Sawyer and his wife, Decontee, 34, with whom he has three daughters born in the US, are originally from Liberia.


Patrick Sawyer was planning to return home to Coon Rapids, Minnesota, to be reunited with his children for the August birthday of two of his daughters.


Patrick Sawyer collapsed on arrival at the Lagos airport on July 20, before being rushed to the First Consultants Hospital in Obalende, Lagos, where eventually he died on Friday, July 25.


Dr. Jide Idris, commissioner of health for Lagos State, has said that the hospital was afterwards evacuated while the primary source of the infection was eliminated.
"The decontamination process in all the affected areas has commenced, and the hospital will be shut for a week and all staff closely monitored," he said.

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