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Police arrest 3 girl-child traffickers in Vietnam

08/08/2017 13:30

Police in Vietnam have arrested two women and a man accused of attempting to traffic two girls aged nine years and 14 years to China, the authorities said on Tuesday.


The girls were discovered by police in a taxi at about 1 a.m. on Monday, along with the two women, Mong Chieu, 31, and Cut Dao, 28, in north central Vietnam’s Nghe An province.


The police said the taxi’s driver hired to transport the women and girls from Nghe An to Mong Cai, on the Chinese border in Quang Ninh province, called police when he suspected the children were being trafficked.


Mong Cai, about 600 kilometres from Nghe An, sits across the Ka Long River from China’s Dongxing city and is a major transit point for all kinds of smugglers crossing the Vietnam-China border.


The police said that they apprehended the women, who subsequently confessed that they had been offered 4,430 dollars for each girl by a buyer Dao had met while living in China.


“Chieu’s husband, Ven Hiep, 37, was also arrested on human trafficking charges at home in Nghe An on Monday,’’ the police added.


It was unclear how the alleged traffickers acquired the girls, who were determined to be from the same provincial district as the alleged traffickers.


Source - NAN

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