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Persephone Miel Fellowship Launched

17/12/2010 14:39

Applications for the Persephone Miel Fellowship for Crisis Reporting are now been accepted. The Fellowship seeks provide non-native English speaking media professionals the opportunity to reach audiences beyond their home countries on critical under-reported issues.  


The Fellowship, which is named in honour of Persephone Miel, former senior advisor of Internews, who died June 28 of cancer, is administered by the Pulitzer Center in collaboration with Internews. 


It is designed to help media professionals outside of the United States do the kind of reporting they've always wanted to do, and enable them to bring their work to a broader international audience. Journalists, writers, photographers, radio producers, filmakers, freelancers, who are non-native English speaking media practitioners can apply.



  • Description of a proposed project which should not be more than 250 words - a supplementary material detailing description of the project can also be included separately
  • A preliminary budget estimate, which should include breakdown of costs
  • Three work samples in English should be attached to the email; if online, the URL should be sent in; Video samples should also be sent.
  • Three professional references are required, which can be either contact information, or letters of recommendation - the references may be sent in separately
  • Detailed Curriculum Vitae to be sent as attashcment


Materials should be sent to: mielfellowship@pulitzercenter.org


Deadline: February 1, 2011


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