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Panic in Abuja over rumour of Boko Haram hijack of school bus, which turned out armed robbery attack

06/05/2014 11:44
Abuja, the Nigerian Federal Capital Territory was thrown into a frenzy this morning after rumours made the rounds that suspected members of the dreaded Boko Haram sect had hijacked a school bus carrying some pupils to school. 
The social media platform, Twitter, was abuzz with several tweets on the incident.
It however turned out that the rumour was false. However, it was confirmed that a bus was actually highjacked at gunpoint by armed men, but with no students in it. Apparently, the purported Boko Haram attack was an armed robbery attack.
Meanwhile parents have started hurriedly withdrawing their children from both private and public schools around Nyanya and Mararaba area of the city where the incident was believed to have taken place. The Nigeria Police Force debunked to news as a rumour on its @PoliceNG twitter page.
Below are some gleaned from Twitter:


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