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Nigeria Police to promote 40,000 officers, says IGP Solomon Arase

29/08/2015 19:40

The Inspector-General of Police Solomon Arase on Saturday said about 40,000 policemen between the rank of Constable and Inspector would be promoted in the next two months.

Arase, who disclosed this during his private visit to Lagos, noted that the rank and file were the officers doing the major jobs, including arrests, investigations and other special duties.

He noted that these officers were closer to the people than senior officers, stressing that due attention should be given to them by mitigating their burdens.

The IG said as part of effort to encourage these officers, the police authorities had embarked on housing projects across the six geo-political zones to build two-bedroom flats valued at about N4m each in collaboration with mortgage institutions.

"There have been a backlog of promotions between the constable and inspector cadre,involving about 36,000 of them. Two groups are already undergoing their promotional courses.

"Within the next two months, about 40,000 policemen between the rank of constable and inspector will undertake promotion exercises, and be moved up to the next rank.

"If we are able to solve the problem of the rank and file in the police, half of the issues we are dealing with, which is corruption would be resolved. Corruption is born out of insecurity," he said.

Arase assured that those who would participate in the promotion exercises would be given allowances for feeding, transport and others.

He reiterated the need for police officers to develop themselves academically, stressing that only knowledgeable and mentally mobile officers would do well in police operations in any part of the world.

On the dismantling of checkpoints across the country, the IG said he insisted on their removal because they were not a veritable platform for good security, revealing that "Safer Highways' Points" had since replaced them.

He said about 555 safer highways points had been created to aid policing of the entire highways across the country.

Arase added that officers assigned to these points were given some allowances to prevent them from engaging in corruption.

According to him, human rights violation by the police is not allowed, stressing that officers must have sufficient evidence before arresting anybody and such fellow must be charged to court within 48 hours of arrest.

The IG urged members of the public to be part of community policing, saying one million policemen were not enough for the country.

"All community leaders should take interest in who comes to their domain, their family background and what the person does for a living.

"If people in all areas give regular information to the police, ensuring security would be better," he said.

Arase warned police officers against illegal operations, whereby they attached themselves to some individuals, adding that any officer caught doing so would be arrested.

"Any individual who feels that he needs special protection should go and hire private security. The police is for all," he added.

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