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India to establish hospitals in Nigeria, says Ghanashyam Rangaiah

23/06/2014 14:21
The new Indian High Commissioner to Nigeria, Amb. Ghanashyam Rangaiah, on Monday disclosed his government’s readiness to establish more Indian hospitals across the six geopolitical zones of the country.
Rangaiah told the News Agency of Nigeria in Lagos that the initiative was to make India’s medical facilities accessible and affordable to Nigerians in various communities.
The envoy, who decried the high costs of travelling and medical expenses being paid by Nigerians in India, said it was better to bring the hospitals closer to them.
“As the new India High Commissioner to Nigeria, I feel it is too expensive for Nigerians to continue to go to India for medical attention.
“We have discovered that the costs being paid by a Nigerian patient going to India for treatment is even more than the treatment itself.
“What we have, therefore, decided is to have many Indian hospitals come to establish themselves in Nigeria’s six geo-political zones.
“We strongly believe that with the spread of Indian hospitals in this country, Nigerians may not have to be travelling to India for any treatment.”
The hospitals would be sited across rural communities, towns and major cities in Nigeria, said Rangaiah.
He expressed optimism that the presence of the hospitals would also make many Nigerian doctors trained abroad to come home and serve their communities.
The high commissioner also said that the initiative was to make Nigeria a referral medical treatment country in West Africa.
“Gradually, we want Nigeria to stand on its own strength and be the beacon of medical strength for the rest of West Africa,” Rangaiah said.

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