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Global brands to set standard for sustainability performance of aluminium products

28/02/2013 23:32
Audi, BMW Group, Hydro and Rexam join the IUCN-led Aluminium Stewardship Initiative, to develop a global standard for aluminium sustainability by the end of 2014.
The Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) was launched in 2012 by AMAG/ Constantia Flexibles, Amcor Flexibles, Constellium, Nespresso, Rio Tinto Alcan and Tetra Pak, together with IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature). Its aim is to develop the ASI Standard to improve the overall sustainability performance of aluminium products.
“This initiative is unique in that it brings together key players in the whole aluminium value chain to ensure that the industry works in a sustainability-focussed and transparent way,” says Julia Marton-Lefèvre, IUCN Director General. “We hope that this commitment will lead to a rapid development of a single, universal sustainability standard for the production and use of aluminium. Other companies are invited to join us in setting excellence goals and achieving better performance across the sector.”
The ASI gathers industry leaders - from primary metal producers to transformers and end-users – who want to maximise the value of their products and activities, while minimising their environmental and social footprint. ASI members are encouraging participation of other large players to ensure broad and global industry representation.
The ASI Standard will define environmental and social criteria that can be applied to all stages of aluminium production and transformation. It will also consider how recycling and material recovery from products that contain aluminium can contribute to improving the metal’s efficiency and minimising its environmental and social footprint. The ASI Standard will be supported by a Chain of Custody system, which will aim to assure the provenance of aluminium.
Aluminium is the world’s second most used metal after steel. It is in great demand for its unique qualities such as durability, strength and its ability to be recycled forever without loss of quality.
The ASI Standard setting process will last two years and will be coordinated by IUCN, whose main role will be to ensure its high quality and transparency.


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