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Former French President, Nicolas Sarkozy seeks injunction to stop leak of tapes of personal conversations

06/03/2014 13:15
Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy and his wife Carla Bruni have launched legal action after secret recordings of them were leaked online.
Lawyers for Sarkozy filed a request for an emergency injunction to prevent more transcripts from being published.
They say the recordings were made by a former aide, Patrick Buisson, without the couple’s knowledge.
Although the transcripts are embarrassing, they are not considered too damaging, correspondents say.
Sarkozy was said to be furious after it emerged that Buisson had recorded hundreds of hours of meetings and private conversations during his 2007-12 term as French president.
In a statement, Buisson’s lawyer confirmed that the tapes had been made but claimed they had been done to help him to keep a proper record of all discussions with Sarkozy and other officials.
Most of the recordings were destroyed and those that have been made public must have been stolen, the lawyer added.
Some of the recordings were published by satirical magazine Le Canard Enchaine and website Atlantico on Wednesday.
The initial revelations contain excerpts in which top officials express scorn over the presence of Sarkozy’s wife at meetings at the Elysee.
They also suggest that Mrs Bruni-Sarkozy was unhappy that she had lost income when she married Sarkozy, and hoped to boost her finances by advertising anti-ageing products.
Sarkozy himself is shown to have been dismissive, even mocking, of the capacities of some of his ministers.
Henri Guaino, one of Sarkozy’s closest allies, said the former president was feeling “betrayed” by Buisson.
Source - BBC

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