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Faure Gnassingbe re-elected Togo president

29/04/2015 13:00

Reports coming in from Togo indicate that the incumbent President Faure Essozimna Gnassingbe has won more than 58.75 percent of the votes in the country's presidential election.

The vote is enough for him to secure another five years in office.

The Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI), announced that the ruling Union for the Republic party candidate Faure, won 58.75 percent of the votes, while opposition Combat for Political Alternative in 2015 (CAP2015) alliance candidate Jean-Pierre Fabre, won 34.95 percent.

“The national electoral commission states that Faure Essozimna Gnassingbe has been elected based on provisional results which are subject to confirmation by the Constitutional Court,” Taffa Tabiou, head of CENI said.

The INEC will soon transmit the provisional results to the Constitutional Court, which is responsible for examining appeals and electoral disputes before proclaiming the final results.

Gnassingbe came to power in April 2005, following special election after the death of his father General Gnassingbe Eyadema, who ran Togo from 1967 till his decease. He was reelected in 2010 with 60.89 percent of the votes.

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