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East-West Center launches 2014 Senior Journalists Seminar

08/04/2014 11:34
The East-West Center is currently accepting applications for the 2014 Senior Journalists Seminar (SJS), which seeks to enhance media coverage of religion and elevate the public debate regarding religion and its role in the public sphere, specifically as it regards US-Muslim relations.
The 2014 Senior Journalists Seminar will bring together American and Asian journalists for a 21-day professional dialogue, study and travel program to Washington, DC; Boston, Massachusetts; Honolulu, Hawaii; Jakarta, Indonesia; and Delhi, India. In order to dispel negative stereotypes and increase understanding, SJS is designed to maximize interaction among participants and the local communities to which they travel. 
SJS offers participating journalists opportunities to examine the complex religious, ethnic and economic diversity in the United States and Asia as well as how interfaith dialogue brings many different types of believers to the table. Journalists will meet with religious and interfaith-dialogue leaders, government officials, business executives, academics, community leaders and cultural experts to better understand the impact of religion on government policy, finance, education and culture. Journalists will also examine efforts to reduce religious tensions and combat violent domestic extremism. Finally, the role and responsibility of the media to accurately report on issues relevant to US-Muslim relations will also be explored.
Below is a summary of the Senior Journalists Seminar for your reference. I have also included a link to a PDF announcement flyer. The East-West Center would be extremely grateful if you would disseminate this information widely to colleagues who may be interested. We would also appreciate any recommendations you might offer on behalf of an intelligent, hardworking and adventurous fellow journalist!! Please email recommendations to the program coordinator and make certain they apply!!
Senior Journalists Seminar (SJS)
Theme:  Bridging the Gaps Between the United States and the Muslim World
Dates:  August 6 – 28, 2014
Study Destinations:  Washington, DC; Boston, Massachusetts; Honolulu, Hawaii; Jakarta, Indonesia; and Delhi, India
Who Can Apply:  Senior media professionals from print, broadcast and online news organizations, including reporters, writers, editors, producers, columnists, bloggers and editorial writers with a minimum of ten years of experience are eligible to apply. Participating journalists will include at least four American and six Asian journalists from countries with substantial Muslim populations, defined as: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, the Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Timor Leste. Participant-paid slots are also open for qualified journalists from countries NOT listed above. Fluency in English is required.
Funding:  Roundtrip airfare for the study tour, lodging, ground transportation, program-related meals and a modest per diem are provided through funding by the East-West Center, the Roshan Cultural Heritage Institute and Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art. All selected journalists are responsible for the Senior Journalists Seminar fee of USD$750.00, individual visa fees, health insurance and airline baggage charges. SJS funding is not available for citizens outside the United States and those Asian countries with substantial Muslim populations, but qualified journalists from other countries are highly encouraged to apply. Applicants from countries outside those listed above must pay a participant-paid fee of USD$9,075.00 in addition to the above costs, to be paid prior to the beginning of the seminar.
Application Deadline:  Thursday, May 8, 2014
Announcement Flier
Application Form
Application Instructions
Questions may also be sent by email to sjs@eastwestcenter.org. For phone inquiries, please contact the program coordinator, Ms. Liz A. Dorn, at (808) 944-7368(808) 944-7368.

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