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DPR partners DSS to check diversion of petroleum products

09/11/2015 11:25

The Operations Controller of the Department of Petroleum Resources, DPR, Benjamin Ewuga has said that it is partnering with the Department of State Services, DSS, to check product diversion in Benue State.


Ewuga noted that the collaboration was to ensure delivery of petroleum products to exact locations.


He expressed regrets that in spite government’s efforts to ensure product availability, most petrol dealers, depot managers and marketers were frustrating efforts by deliberately creating artificial scarcity.


He said that marketers were made to deposit their product manifest with the DPR for effective monitoring.


The DPR controller added that more products would henceforth be allocated to petrol service stations in the townships than those in remote outlets.


He accused depots of fixing extra charges that escalated the cost of products beyond the regulatory N87 per liter without receipting for such extras.


On the part of marketers, he accused them of product diversion to remote locations where they sold at ridiculous prices to motorists.


He added that the regulatory body had designed an efficient monitoring system to track such malpractices to ensure product availability.


He assured that monitoring would be carried out at "both ends of the distribution chain" to block leakages in the system to guarantee availability of product.


The controller expressed regrets that the marketers were "making the situation look worse even when availability of product is not bad.


"Our mandate is to ensure that this scarcity is not allowed and we intend to execute it through prevention of diversion, hoarding, sale of products in Jerry cans and other unwholesome practices."

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