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Cholera kills 55 in Bauchi, 1000 more infected in 4 months

10/04/2014 16:32
Sani Abubakar Malami, commissioner of health, Bauchi State, at a press conference has said that 60 people of died from cholera in the state, with 1,000 others infected, since the cholera outbreak hit the state, about four months ago.
He said, “This year, cholera hit the state in a big way and as a result, more than 60 are believed to have died of the disease.
“About 55 of those who lost their lives died as a result of their refusal to visit the hospital for medical attention.
“Only five of the casualties died in the hospital but the remaining ones refused to seek for help.
“Government’s quick intervention resulted in the deployment of 2,000 health workers across the state to talk to the people and sensitise them on the need for them to keep their environment clean and to also visit health facilities in their localities for prompt medical attention when they notice signs of cholera.”
"As a result of the awareness campaign carried out by the state government, more than 1,000 patients of cholera visited various hospitals and were treated.
"The state government chlorinated more than 15,000 wells across the 20 Local Government Areas to prevent any spread to areas not yet affected by the killer-disease.
"55 died in there homes while the remaining five died at a hospital. 
"Health workers were immediately sent across the state to encourage those were infected with the disease to seek for help."

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