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Alfred Friendly Press Fellowships Names 2011 Fellows

21/03/2011 09:37

The Alfred Friendly Press Fellowships (AFPF), an American non-profit organisation, which seeks to promote free press across the world, by bringing approximately 10 journalists to the United States (US), for approximately six months, in-depth, practical introduction to the professional and ethical standards of the US print media, has announced the successful journalists for its 2011 Fellowships programme.


According to Katie Rudolph, Program Manager of AFPF: "They are eight fantastic journalists, two men and six women, from Afghanistan, Brazil, China, Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan, South Korea and Yemen."



After a rigorous and elaborate selection process, which ended late last year, the AFPF Advisory Committee, selected the eight journalists, out of 54 journalists who sent in applications from 30 countries worldwide (with the exception of the US). The 2011 Fellows would have the opportunity of being exposed to an environment that would enable them to gain practical understanding of the function and significance of the free press in the US. They would also gain experience in reporting, writing, and editing that will further enhance their journalism career.


The eight journalists include: Segun Adeoye, Nigeria; Mohammad Emal Naweed Haidary, Afghanistan; Cao Li, China; Priscilla Wangui Maina, Kenya; Aatekah Ahhmad Mir, Pakistan; Hee Jin Park, South Korea; Larissa Roso, Brazil; Malak Noman Shaher, Yemen.


Haidary and Mir, are recipients of the Daniel Pearl Fellowships. The Daniel Pearl Fellowships, underwritten by the Daniel Pearl Foundation, was created in 2002 and was named after Daniel Pearl, The Wall Street Journal reporter, who was kidnapped and murdered in Pakistan in 2002. Working in tandem with the goals of AFPF (which was created in 1983), it targets journalists from Muslim countries, with the aim of encouraging dialogue among people of different cultures.


The 2011 Fellows, make up the 27th class of the AFPF, and brings to 280 the number of Friendly Fellows since 1984. 



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