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Afenifere tasks Federal Government on insecurity, says sponsors of Boko Haram are traceable

21/05/2014 13:55
The Pan-Yoruba socio-political organization, Afenifere, has condemned the bomb blasts in Jos, Plateau State with a call on the Federal Government to move beyond condemnation of the attacks and unmask the sponsors of such attacks.
The organisation also commiserated with all families that have been bereaved in the latest terror attacks and prayed that God would grant them the fortitude to bear the losses.
The group also prayed that God would give "our leaders the strength and courage to do the needful to arrest this dangerous careering to the precipice."
A statement issued on Wednesday in Abuja by its National Publicity Secretary, Mr. Yinka Odumakin, said the sophistication of Boko Haram operations clearly indicated that its activities were fully backed by forces that can be traced.
According to him, the Jos explosions which came the very day the Nigerian Senate extended the emergency rule in three North East states which are the headquarters of insurgency was a sign that "the prosecutors of this war are far more determined than we are ready to admit."
It said, "The scope, spread, preciseness and timing of these ruthless and devastating attacks clearly suggest that this is a carefully planned and orchestrated war by sophisticated forces using the Boko Haram as a franchise. It is clear that this is a war for the soul of Nigeria and the coordinators do not care how many lives it takes for them to achieve their devilish objective.
"We cannot continue to bury the dead, sympathizing with the wounded and waiting for where the next bomb will explode. We restate again that we do not want to accept that there are no security inklings as to those enabling this murderous outfit. Why is it so difficult to unmask them and wait for heavens to fall? How long shall we wait for them to harvest innocent souls in this atrocious war? We know how long it took America to get Osama Bin Ladin but it can't be that difficult to move against the sponsors of terror so as to cut off their supplies.
"In a country where residents of the best cities find internet access very difficult, Shekau who is supposed to be in some forests loads 50-minutes-video on YouTube at the drop of the hat. Are we being told there is no IP address for all his Internet operations?"
"The abduction of the girls is just one of the many faces of this terror. An almost equal number of the Chibok girls must have been wiped out in Jos, do we now start 'Bring Back The Dead' protests?. The campaign must be holistic and the overall goal should be ending this reign of terror that the Boko Haram terrorists are foisting on us. We must do this before they precipitate a war of everyone against everybody."

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