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31/12/2011 18:10

Nigerian government declares state of emergency over Boko Haram attacks

President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria has declared state of emergency in four states in the country, in the wake of several...
29/12/2011 12:19

2011: Annus horribilis for African Elephants

According to TRAFFIC, the wildlife trade monitoring network, 2011 has seen a record number of illegally traded ivory worldwide...
23/12/2011 15:50

Michael Fields to receive NABJ's Ida B. Wells Award

Michael Fields, news director of WABE 90.1 FM in Atlanta, will receive the prestigious Ida B. Wells Award. The annual honor...
05/10/2011 11:05

Steve Jobs, Apple co-founder, dies

Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple Computers, and former CEO of the company has died, in a twist that perhaps could only have been...
06/08/2011 00:08

Gregory Lee, Jr. emerges NABJ president

Gregory Lee, Jr., 37, has emerged as the new president of the National Association of Black Journalists, August 5. The...
02/06/2011 02:29

Coral ecosystem to be affected by increasing ocean acidification

Coral ecosystem diversity and resilience would be impacted by acidification by the end of the century, according to a new...
14/05/2011 05:18

Illegal bear bile trade rampant in Asia - TRAFFIC

A new report by TRAFFIC, the wildlife trade monitoring networ, just made available, indicates that poaching and illegal trade of...
10/04/2011 02:02

National Association of Black Journalists Withdraws From Journalists of Color Alliance

The National Association of Black Journalists, Inc. (NABJ) has announced its withrawal from UNITY - Journalists of Color Alliance...
09/04/2011 14:32

Last Minute Deal Averts Shutdown in the U.S.

A last minute deal has been brokered just about an hour before the federal government shutdown was meant to begin in the...
28/03/2011 07:06

Harry Coover, Inventor of Super Glue Dies

Harry Wesley Coover Jr., inventor of Super Glue, has died. He was 94.   A recipient of the National Medal of Technology and...

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