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15/06/2011 11:22

Business reporting not a mystical beat

I have reservations about business reporting. I know that sounds nuts coming from a journalist. After all, a journalist is expected to be versatile...
31/05/2011 13:38

A story on octocorals

Marine life forms a significant part of environmental issues here in Florida, and by extension the United States. That is one of the things I have...
31/05/2011 10:33

The Maguires Hill 16

The Maguires Hill 16, is the oldest traditional Irish pub and restaurant in South Florida. It’s located along North Andrews Ave. near downtown Fort...
21/05/2011 20:25

The Greg I never met

The pictures of Greg Lewis in the eight-page pamphlet, was all I had in memory of him. The photos, providing a brief insight into his life showed he...
14/05/2011 16:29

Lessons from the Lew interview

After several rounds of talks, and indeed, compromise between Democrats and Republicans, a potential government shutdown was averted, but the issues...
08/05/2011 06:24

Learning at the Feet of Deborah Potter

Deborah Potter, president and executive director of Newslab, an online resource center for journalists, epitomizes all that journalism...
01/05/2011 16:54

Learning to drive in the US with Easton Davies

I sat in the driver’s seat, surprised that this was the car I was going to use for my two-hour driving lesson.   It was a Toyota Corolla - 1998...
01/05/2011 14:15

A Seashore Protest

My first time at the Fort Lauderdale beach was not to savour its waves lashing at fun-seeking Floridian ladies dressed in bikinis, or tourists...
14/04/2011 14:32

A Busy Start at the Sun-Sentinel

“Trust me, we’ll keep you busy.”   I did not forget those words in a mail Antonio Fins, my mentor and editorial page editor of the Sun-Sentinel,...

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