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18/01/2013 22:50

Dazzling and dazing visit to Disney World, Orlando, Florida - a Memoir

"Walt Disney! Walt Disney! This guy must be crazy! Only a crazy guy could make unreality look so real." Those words kept thumping through my mind as...
13/01/2013 22:01

Ernest Hemingway House, Key West, Florida - a Memoir

Nothing thrills as much as visiting Ernest Hemingway's House in Key West, Florida, even after meeting the legendary author in his various...
30/12/2012 14:56

Celebrating Ghana's Tourism Industry - a Memoir

Ghana's tourism industry is undoubtedly a booming one, especially with a steady and peaceful democracy, in spite of all the odds in the West African...
14/08/2011 13:56

Exploring new vista for journalists

Attending the 36th annual convention of the National Association of Black Journalists, in Philadelphia, Penn., this August, gave me a priceless...
02/08/2011 23:35

Covering a gay press conference

The headline in a tabloid in Africa, or indeed, Nigeria, would have read: “Police seal up Resort over Gay and Lesbian activities”. That was the...
02/08/2011 23:16

My bag of coins…

I keep a small bag of coins. It contains a number of pennies, dime, quarter cents, and five cents. It’s relatively strange to me to be in...
20/07/2011 04:07

Keeping abreast of 21st century journalism skills

So much is changing so rapidly in the journalism world. It’s like a moving train – you either get on board, or it not only leaves you behind, it...
02/07/2011 11:39

Inside one of Florida’s conservation areas

It’s not particularly a fun place to be, on a bright and sunny Wednesday morning, flying insects cuddling your neck, and mosquitoes hovering round...
01/07/2011 23:45

Lessons from Billy’s boat ride

It was the first time I was going to be the captain in charge of a sail. Better still, the first time I was going to be a sailor. An interesting...

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